Premiere Pro Tutorial : Animate a Logo for Video

 To animate a logo for a video in Premiere Pro, you can follow these steps:

  1. Import your logo into Premiere Pro.
  2. Create a new sequence and set the sequence settings to match the resolution and frame rate of your video.
  3. Drag your logo into the sequence timeline.
  4. Position the logo in the timeline where you want it to appear in your video.
  5. To animate the logo, you can use the Transform effect. The Transform effect allows you to move, scale, and rotate your logo over time.
  6. To apply the Transform effect to your logo, select the logo in the timeline and then go to Effects > Distort > Transform.
  7. In the Transform effect settings, you can adjust the Position, Scale, and Rotation of your logo over time.
  8. To create a smooth animation, you can use keyframes. Keyframes are markers that mark the position, scale, and rotation of your logo at specific points in time.
  9. To create a keyframe, click on the Position, Scale, or Rotation property that you want to animate and then click on the Set Keyframe button.
  10. Once you have created a few keyframes, you can preview the animation by pressing the Spacebar.
  11. To adjust the timing of the animation, you can move the keyframes in the timeline.
  12. Once you are happy with the animation, you can export your video.

Here are some tips for animating a logo in Premiere Pro:

  • Use a reference track. If you have a specific animation in mind, find a reference track that has the animation that you’re looking for. This can help you to match the animation of your logo to the reference track.
  • Use easing. Easing is a technique that allows you to control the speed of your animation. To use easing, select the keyframes in the timeline and then go to Animation > Ease.
  • Use masks. Masks allow you to hide or reveal parts of your logo. This can be useful for creating complex animations.
  • Use pre-made animations. Premiere Pro comes with a number of pre-made animations that you can use for your logo. To use a pre-made animation, go to Motion Graphics > Presets and then select the animation that you want to use.

By following these tips, you can learn how to animate a logo in Premiere Pro and create stunning videos with eye-catching animations.


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