Premiere Pro Tutorial : Get started with audio mixing

Audio mixing is the process of combining and adjusting multiple audio tracks to create a single, balanced track. It is an important part of video editing, as it can help to improve the overall sound quality of your video.

Premiere Pro has a number of powerful audio mixing tools that allow you to create professional-sounding results. In this tutorial, we will show you how to get started with audio mixing in Premiere Pro.

Step 1: Open the Audio Mixer

To open the Audio Mixer, go to Window > Audio Track Mixer.

Step 2: Adjust the levels of your audio tracks

The Audio Mixer has a slider for each audio track in your sequence. You can use these sliders to adjust the levels of your individual tracks.

To adjust the level of a track, grab the slider and drag it up or down. The higher the slider, the louder the track will be.

Step 3: Add audio effects

Premiere Pro comes with a variety of built-in audio effects that you can use to enhance the sound of your audio tracks. To add an audio effect to a track, select the track in the Audio Mixer and then click on the Effects button.

In the Effects panel, browse through the different effects and select the one you want to add. To add the effect to the track, click on the Add button.

You can also adjust the settings of the audio effect by clicking on the Effect Controls button.

Step 4: Create submixes

Submixes allow you to group multiple audio tracks together and then adjust their levels as a group. This can be useful for adjusting the levels of sound effects, music, and dialogue.

To create a submix, right-click in the Audio Mixer panel and select Add Track > Audio Submix Track.

Once you have created a submix, you can assign audio tracks to it by dragging and dropping them onto the submix track.

To adjust the level of a submix, grab the slider for the submix track in the Audio Mixer panel and drag it up or down.

Step 5: Export your video

Once you are finished mixing your audio, you need to export your video so that you can share it with others. To do this, click on the File menu and select Export > Media.

In the Export Settings dialog box, select the appropriate settings for your video, such as the format, resolution, and quality. Then, click Export.

Premiere Pro will now export your video file.

These are just the basics of audio mixing in Premiere Pro. There are many other features and techniques that you can learn to create professional-sounding results.

Here are a few tips for audio mixing in Premiere Pro:

  • Use the Audio Mixer to adjust the levels of your individual audio tracks.
  • Add audio effects to your tracks to enhance the sound quality.
  • Use submixes to group multiple audio tracks together and adjust their levels as a group.
  • Experiment with different audio mixing techniques to see what works best for your video.
  • Preview your audio mix frequently to make sure that it sounds good.

With a little practice, you will be able to use Premiere Pro to create professional-sounding audio mixes for your videos.


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