Premiere Pro Tutorial : How to use immersive video effects on 360/VR footage

 Adobe Premiere Pro allows you to edit 360/VR footage and add immersive video effects to it. Immersive video effects are designed to give viewers a more immersive experience when watching your videos.

To use immersive video effects on 360/VR footage in Premiere Pro, follow these steps:

  1. Open Premiere Pro and import your 360/VR footage.
  2. Create a new sequence and select the 360/VR preset that matches your footage.
  3. Add your footage to the sequence.
  4. Go to the Effects panel and expand the VR category.
  5. Select the immersive video effect that you want to add to your footage.
  6. Drag and drop the effect onto your footage in the sequence.
  7. Adjust the settings of the effect to create the desired effect.
  8. Preview your video to make sure that you are happy with the effect.
  9. Export your video.

Here are some examples of immersive video effects that you can use on 360/VR footage:

  • VR Spherical Lens: This effect allows you to change the field of view of your video.
  • VR Orientation: This effect allows you to rotate your video.
  • VR Small Planet: This effect distorts your video to make it look like a small planet.
  • VR Cube Reflection: This effect creates a reflection of your video on a cube.
  • VR Mirror: This effect creates a mirror image of your video.

You can also use other effects on 360/VR footage, but be careful not to use effects that are not designed for 360/VR footage, as this can cause artifacts and other problems.

Here are some tips for using immersive video effects on 360/VR footage:

  • Use immersive video effects sparingly. Too many immersive video effects can be overwhelming for viewers.
  • Preview your video frequently to make sure that you are happy with the effects.
  • Export your video in a format that is compatible with VR headsets and other devices.

With a little practice, you can use immersive video effects to create stunning 360/VR videos that will give your viewers a truly immersive experience.


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