What is Ctrl+W in Premiere Pro?

In the dynamic world of video editing, Adobe Premiere Pro stands as a powerful tool, enabling creative professionals to bring their visions to life. Amidst the array of functionalities it offers, the keyboard shortcut Ctrl+W plays a crucial role in streamlining the editing process.

The Function of Ctrl+W

The keyboard shortcut Ctrl+W serves a primary function in Premiere Pro — closing the currently active window. This action can be particularly useful when managing multiple windows within the editing workspace. Whether you’re closing a redundant panel or navigating through different sequences, Ctrl+W provides a quick and efficient way to maintain a clutter-free interface.

Applications of Ctrl+W

The versatility of Ctrl+W extends beyond mere window management. It proves particularly valuable in specific editing scenarios:

  1. Closing Multiple Windows: Holding down Ctrl while pressing W repeatedly will close all open windows, except for the Project Panel and Timeline. This can be helpful when you want to quickly clear the workspace and focus on a specific task.
  2. Closing Panels and Bins: Ctrl+W can also be used to close panels and bins within the workspace. Simply select the panel or bin you want to close and press Ctrl+W.
  3. Closing Sequences: If you’re working with multiple sequences, Ctrl+W can be used to close the currently active sequence. This can be helpful when you want to switch between sequences or prevent accidental edits.

Alternative Methods

While Ctrl+W provides a convenient shortcut for closing windows, there are alternative methods available:

  1. Using the Window Menu: You can also close windows by selecting the ‘Window’ menu at the top of the Premiere Pro interface and choosing the desired window to close.
  2. Right-Clicking Window Titles: Right-clicking on the title bar of a window and selecting ‘Close’ will also close that window.


The keyboard shortcut Ctrl+W serves as an essential tool in the Premiere Pro arsenal, enabling editors to efficiently manage their workspaces and navigate between windows. Its versatility extends to closing panels, bins, and sequences, making it an indispensable companion for any Premiere Pro user. Whether you’re a seasoned professional or a budding enthusiast, mastering Ctrl+W will undoubtedly enhance your editing experience.


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